Wednesday - Jour 3

Sprint status

Search API by drunken monkey

6 people working on different issues, a lot of progress on some larger and many smaller ones. Larger ones include: support for custom data types; support for "locking"/requiring processors and fields; roper cache tags for search results.

Committed #2470837 and #2470958.

D8 contrib corner,by wizonesolutions

Ran the tests with the views_embed_view patch applied. One of them failed, so I will have to troubleshoot that. The one that was failing before isn't failing anymore, so I don't have to do anything there.

Also got the token browser embedded on one of my FillPDF forms. It doesn't look as good as in D7, but it is progress! I implemented another service class to do it. Spent some time debugging that because I forgot I had to inject dependencies in .services.yml and not in a static create method.

D8 Accelerate Performance Sprint by Wim Leers

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