Thursday - Jour 4

Sprint status

Search_api_attachments, by Grimreaper


  • - Izus ( and Bès ( worked on the D8 architecture and commited.
  • - Grimreaper ( and thytane ( provided patches in WIP on the solR extraction
  • - D7: Grimreaper worked on (merged) and


  • - Izus ( and Grimreaper ( improved the D8 architecture and merge the tika extraction patch
  • - D7: Grimreaper worked on

D8Rules, by dasjo

That was the biggest #d8rules sprint ever! Thanks to everybody!

General feedback?

  • klausi: reviewed & committed stuff, sometimes picky :) liked the pull request module, git attribution
  • fago : same as klausi, but busy in presentations, working on d8 version of info_alter()
  • a.milkovsky:2.5 actions, ported, likes the pull request workflow
  • artem2:just joined us
  • M1r1k: working on logging & debugging
  • martin: Created rules.module file and implemented hook_help according to the new D8 Help Test Standard. I think that the pull request workflow should be made more efficient for contributors who are not familiar with it. I spent more time on it than on my actual work. The dev day tutors were not familiar with the project specifics. So if there are project specific things in the workflow (e.g. github pull requests and forking) people should be available who are really familiar with it and who do have time to help.
  • katia: worked with patrik on flag action which was too hard
  • mariancalinro: create entity tests, derivative tests, helped nathan with the path alias refactoring views ui handlers
  • pjezek; flag/unflag action started including test, test problems at first, fixed them.
  • fubhy:helped out people, provide rules action/expression for mathematical expressions started
  • mikl:finished a few actions, naming consistency
  • dasjo: motivated everybody :) issues management
  • czigor:send-email action got merged, flag action started but waiting for their feedback, stuck on some tests
  • steve: docs, fixes
  • branislav: first time contributor, redirect action is hard, but progress is made
  • nlisgo:entity path alias create action
  • niels:worked on admin UI, not here
  • claudine:helped nathan, worked on actions

Many contributors sprinting on Actions,

Most are done, a few hard ones blocked

  • Set a data value (data_set) #2409047: Port Set a data value (data_set) to D8
  • Calculate a value (data_calc) (for dates) #2350027: Port Calculate a Value Action from D7 to D8 for dates
  • Add a variable (variable_add) #2409049: Port Add a variable (variable_add) to D8
  • Create a data structure (data_create) #2409051: Port Create a data structure (data_create) action to D8
  • Convert data type (data_convert) #2409053: Adjust context definitions of data_convert action
  • In progress

    • Create or delete an entity's URL alias, #2471447: Create a derivative for the creation of path alias for entities Assigned to: nlisgo
    • Page redirect (redirect) #2471641: Port "Page redirect" action to D8Assigned to: Branislav Bujisic
    • Send mail to all users of a role (mail_to_users_of_role) #2409059: Port Send mail to all users of a role (mail_to_users_of_role) action to D8 Assigned to: czigor

    Near completion

    • Add user role (user_add_role) #2348839: Port "user_add_role" to D8
    • Remove user role (user_remove_role)#2471645: Port "Remove user role" action to D8Assigned to: katzilla

    Ready to pick up

    • Block IP address (block_ip) #2317205: Port "Block ip" action to D8
    • Unblock a user (user_unblock) #2471647: Port "Unblock a user" action to D8

    Started working on the UI

    • Rules UI meta:
    • Settings - Port Rules settings and settings screen #2471693: Port Rules base settingsAssigned to: a.milkovsky
    • Manage Config Entities (Reaction Rules, Rules Components) #2409239: Create a Rules UI skeleton & allow to manage components
    • Edit Rule - #2470099: Implement Edit Rule UI


    • An alternative to porting the data selection js is #2471479: Combine data selector and direct input mode
    • Started working on the documentation (
    • Collating documentation from existing docs & Rules D8 presentations

    Updated homepage

    Began extending rules documentation

    Is all located at

    Search API, by Drunken Monkey

      - Finished implementing #2090341 (locked/hidden processors/fields)
    • - Made a lot of progress in planning (and implementing) the architecture of Facet API
    • - Work on #2080791 (data types), #2471669 (view modes), #2470874 (default setup) and many smaller issues

    D8 contrib corner, by wizonesolutions

    Nothing specifically contrib-related to report. I was polishing up my presentation for Friday morning. I talked with some people informally about my experience porting FillPDF to Drupal 8. Counting from november, it's been about 107 hours of mixed porting and presentation preparation, and I am about 60% done with the module port/rewrite. I still want to run the old module through DrupalModuleUpgrader gain and try generation with Drupal Console.

    D8 Accelerate Performance Sprint, by Wim Leers

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