The key topic of the Drupal Developer Days is the sprint. We are in an exciting period, every day brings us closer to Drupal 8.0 release. How can we get closer to this? By devoting time for it!

How can I help?

First of all, make sure that you checked this document that is going to be continously updated, it lists the topics you can contribute to.
If you found a topic that interest you, add you name and indicate your availability to join the teams, it helps the leads to coordinate.
Once you're there the leads will guide you through the priorities, split the work and will help you to find information and knowledge to help the issues move forward.
You don't have to know how to code in order to help. Documentation, testing, triage are also important topics that need help.

Sprints format

From the monday to the sunday sprint rooms will be opened all day long. The sprint rooms should be at least opened from 9:00 to 18:00. The main purpose is to contribute to Drupal. Several highly experienced contributors will be in Montpellier for the week and will focus on Drupal core critical issues in order to bring us closer to Drupal 8.0 release.

Who can help?

The great news is that the Drupal community is fantastic and you will also be able to contribute to Drupal ecosystem a way or another.
Indeed, Drupal core is the main element that you interact with when you use/develop with Drupal but it's only a portion of the options offered to you. Drupal power also comes from the contrib world, all the modules that you can download from Drupal.org. There is more, while the DDD we also contribute to the infrastructure, Drupal.org upgrade to Drupal 7, frontend...

Anyone can add its topic or become a sprint lead, simply update the centralized document listing the topics and spread the word about the fact that your topic is looking for good will.