Yogarik is a web engineering firm dedicated to Drupal technology.

Since it started in 2011, it has built its growth on answering to conceptual, operational and maintenance needs from businesses who have chosen to rely on the Drupal system for their web operations while keeping a free hand on their tools and image monitoring.

We give assistance to our customers in both designing and building up Drupal tailored to size answers for their websites and data systems, hence helping them to reach their goals and evolve according to these goals.

Our expertise lies in : 

  • Understanding of both strategic and technical issues,
  • Concept building, development and maintenance of Drupal CMS websites,
  • Working out new projects from base to end of the engineering process, or picking up on existing operations in relation with our customers's internal or external teams

Our field of intervention covers : 

  • Auditing the existing websites and providing guidance to our customers so as to allow them to better organize their website architecture,
  • Building up useful and function rich websites adapted to users's needs, 
  • Helping evolution, correcting systemic flaws and providing sound long term maintenance.

Yogarik is a partnership born from our shared ambition to start and bring to succes our own project.We rely heavily on each team member's personal involvement, technical capacity and talent but also on their sense of being part of a whole to ensure the succesful outcome of each project we are trusted with.

Each of our customers has a privileged relationship with one of the firm associates  who holds full responsability for the operation. 

Administration and financial monitoring are trusted to an associate with a sound experience in these fields. 

The relationship developed with other experts commited to upstream or downstream operations from our own core business activity allows for managing consistent projects  from base to end while preserving the capacity to adapt our  flate rate deals according to our partners real needs.