The Drupal Developer Days are an event organized by a team of volunteers. The event is non-profit. The purpose of the event is to help Drupal's contributor to meet and ease the open source process. Such an event couldn't happen without sponsors. When you decide to get a sponsorship package, you directly finance Drupal. If you are using Drupal internaly or for your clients, now is the time to give back to the community. Having time to give back to the open source world is not always easy to do but it's really important to give back. That's what make the open source work and it's thanks to you.

Rules are made simple: while you can only apply for one standard package, you can apply for as many specialized packages as you want. Once your application sent, we will contact you shortly to inform you about the availability of the packages that you chose.

Standard packages

  Royal Supreme Extended Large Starter Individual
Price 2 500 € 1 200 € 800 € 500 € 200 € From 35€
Packages available

max. 3 sponsors


max. 5 sponsors


max. 10 sponsors max. 10 sponsors max. 20 sponsors -
Free tickets  6 4 3 2 1 -
Video interview vidéo or promo clip          
Homepage visibility        
Visibility on all site pages        
Job listings      
Visibility on sponsors page  
Sponsor badge for your site  
Name & picture on the individuals sponsors page - - - - -
Introduction of one of the keynotes          
Mention pre-keynote        
Mention at the close of the event  
Vertical banner in the main space during the conference          
Logo on slide presentations        
Visibility on main conference banner Large Medium Medium Small    
Sponsors area
Job Speed Dating          
Vertical banner placement        
Event booklet
Dedicated insert in conference booklet        
Logo in booklet - - Shared area Shared area  
Social networks
Visibility in newsletter (content)          
Visibility in newsletter (logo)      
Twitter communication before the event      
Twitter communication during the event  
Content in welcome bag        
Other items in goodie-bag        
Nb of contributors endorsed 15 7 5 3 1 -

Specialized packages

  Sprint Coffee Healthy food Meal Speakers dinner
Price 400 € 600 € 300 € 1000 € 2 000 €
Packages available

max. 4 sponsors


max. 7 sponsors max. 7 sponsors max. 7 sponsrs

max. 1 sponsor


Package details Show your support for the community by sponsoring a sprint room. Help the developers code all night long! They love coffee and tea, show your support by sponsoring the caffeine for a day! It's nice to enjoy a banana, an apple or some fruits instead of a pizza slice. Help the community stay sharp by sponsoring healthy food.

Not having to wait for hours to lunch or enjoying a snack in the middle of the afternoon can sometime boost your efficiency to solve unbreakable issues.

Come for the software, stay for the community. Some of the speakers only meet the other during the events, help the community building by sponsoring a diner for the speakers.
They will thank you!
Free tickets  1 2 1 3 4
Sponsor badge for your site
Visible on the sponsors page
Other compensations
  • your name and logo in one of the sprint rooms during the entire week
  • your name and logo around the tea & coffee spot during a day


  • your name and logo on all the fruit baskets during a day
  • your name and logo in the lunch gathering area during a day
  • 2 attendees for the dinner
  • your presentation during the dinner introduction

Contact us if you are interested about one of those offers or if you have any question, we will be pleased to help you.

‡ The number of free tickets indicated in each package is indicative and depends on the sum of the price of all the packages bought by the same company. If a company only takes one package, the given number of free tickets is the good one. But if the same company takes more than one package, the number of free tickets included is calculated using the following principle:

  • 199 € or less: no free ticket
  • from 200 € to 499 € : 1 free ticket
  • from 500 € to 799 € : 2 free tickets
  • from 800 € to 1199 € : 3 free tickets
  • from 1200 € to 1599 € : 4 free tickets
  • from 1600 € to 2099 € : 5 free tickets
  • from 2100 € to 2599 € : 6 free tickets
  • from 2600 € to 3199 € : 7 free tickets
  • from 3200 € to 3799 € : 8 free tickets
  • from 3800 € to 4499 € : 9 free tickets
  • 4500 € and more : 10 free tickets