Web performance optimization : for real !

We all have the contradictory feeling to deliver not-so-bad projects, with no-so-bad performances.

But what really is an perfectly optimized project ?

  • For you : optimized PHP code & SQL queries
  • For your boss : the customer who never complains
  • For the customer : own experience on his workstation
  • For the buiseness : who really know and care ?
  • For end-user : who can really know the end-user experience (could be millions of users) ?

Without losing interest on technical aspects (PHP, MySql, Solr, Varnish, CDN, etc.) & softwares (new relic, jmeter, etc.), this presentation will send a feedback from real projects to :

  • How to integrate performances within the project scope ?
  • What & how to measure & collect smart metrics ?
  • Enlarge the scope : from your dev workstation to the end-user... in china !