Translation management for D8

I started the TMGMT initiative in 2012 to fight against messy workflows with multilingual websites. People were excited about the idea, joined sprints and spent hundreds of hours to make TMGMT the standard tool for translation. Many translation services providers joined the initiative and provide their plugin.

We are ready for Drupal 8 and TMGMT will offer the best possible experience for translation workflows and translation services providers in Drupal.

In the presentation i will

  • give you an overview of the status of TMGMT and show what's ready for use.
  • setup a new site, enable translation with TMGMT and go through the workflows.
  • look into shiny fancy ideas - some might get real soon.

The module port is already well progressed. Yet there's still work to do and we at MD Systems are working hard on it with great support from the community. Join us, provide us your feedback, help us make it the best multilingual Drupal ever.

(This is an updated version of the sessions held at previous DDD and events for D7.)