Technological breakthrough & end of CMS ?

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Warning : This is a very troll-oriented session, to continue with a couple of beers

The 3-tier architecture (database, application, client) as practiced in the majority of CMS and Web applications is probably obsolete for many structural reasons as listed below :

  • Lack of asynchronous processing
  • No free data scheme ( other than EAV )
  • No distribution of the data ( SQL limitation)
  • Performance issues / rigid link with cache
  • Deep dependencies with services & version of services

All these limitations have individual solutions on the market, but never actually associated together, outside of R&D programs of large market operators for their own needs (twitter , facebook , google, etc.). This expertise is usually part of the economic model of market leaders, which broadcast the rarely or else by non-strategic bricks (Open Source very atomic projects).

This presentation will send an overview of the current market transition (Cloud, Docker, noSql, scalable search, messaging, Restful API for everything, etc.) & how CMS should turn the corner.