Putting the 'C' back into CMS

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Drupal is a Content management System… Or a Content management framework depending on your point of view, either way there is a common word, ‘Content’, a word that is oft forgotten in Drupal land.

Content strategy is the art of planning the management, governance, delivery and style of your content, be that for an organisation, product or service. It helps create a consistent voice and feeling to your site, helps site editors and contributors understand timelines, workflow techniques, responsibilities and guidelines even before a site enters the development phase.

Whatever the outcome of creating a content strategy, Drupal is a highly flexible platform to enact it with a plethora of modules and techniques available to really help hone the content creation and management process.

In this presentation we will touch upon the theory behind a content strategy as well as advice on how to translate it into a drupal build, with topics including:

Creating a language, voice and style
Image and other media guidelines
Creating meta data for digital content
Structuring digital content for optimal and flexible usage
Editorial workflow techniques
Tracking content effectiveness

And of course, much more…