Perform code reviews inside your development team.

Code review is a very important process in the software development cycle.


We will start outlining why is a key component of successful development. For that  we consider the costs of implementing it compared to the positive outcome we might get from it such as.


  • Code quality

  • Avoid WTFs

  • Technical development of the team

  • Project awareness

  • Make it easier and safer for new members of the team


In this session we will talk about how to integrate it inside our day-to-day workflow and the tools and tactics available to make it easier, for example:


  • style patches

  • Github pull requests (also Gitlab merge requests)

  • Gerrit

  • Redmine

Code reviews also open possibilities for other kind of improvements like a more unified code style for the development team, automate certain kinds of reviews or code analysis.  

At the end we will try to open a debate about the different approaches to code review (who is allowed to push code or give the final ok, how strongly enforce a coding standard use it in small projects,etc.)

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