Payment processing for Drupal 8

There are many reasons for transferring money over the internet: you can operate an online store or maybe you want to set up a donation form for a team of volunteers. Whatever the reason or implementation, you’ll need a framework to handle payments.

In comes Payment, an implementation-agnostic payment processing platform for Drupal 7 and 8. It lets you configure payment methods to process payments coming from a multitude of other platforms, such as fields, Webform, Ubercart, and Drupal Commerce. It focusses on centralizing tasks and features common in payment processing, to make it easier for developers and site builders to set up e-commerce workflows and to provide merchants with detailed insights into the flow of money.

This session gives an overview of how Payment fits into the Drupal ecosystem and will demonstrate the features for Drupal 8 and what the platform can do out of the box.