Let's just generate our code in Drupal 8 with Generator UI

Letting scripts generate standard code for us (developpers) is not new in Web Development. Symfony does it for a long time with the Console Component, and Drupal community is currently working on it with the Console project (http://drupalconsole.com/).

Even in Drupal 7, modules like features, code generator, schema and others are doing just that as well, saving us hours of work.

A new project has been launched at the beginning of the year with Generator UI. Its objective is to generate clean code by just filling easy forms inside Drupal (like features) and not outside via Drush (like Console initiative) from twig templates.

The objective is to develop faster by generating standard code (.info.yml file, blocks, forms, etc.) and leverage the ability of Drupal for nice and efficient ajaxified UI.

The presentation aims at reviewing the available solutions in Drupal 7 and 8 for code generation systems, and will then focus more on Generator UI with a live demo !

This session is from beginner to advanced developers, even with little knowledge in Drupal 8 development, as Generator UI is intended not only to help advanced coder to save precious time, but also, with the "help mode", demonstrate and help newbies to understand, parameter after parameter, line after line, how this big thing works !


Link to the module on Drupal.org : https://www.drupal.org/project/generator_ui

Note that the module is under heavy development !