Learnings from three launched Drupal 8 customer projects

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Call us crazy, call us innovative: We're building customer websites already with Drupal 8. Why? Because we believe that there is nothing better to learn then doing, so we jump into the shark pool and learn at the forefront how Drupal 8 works. Also we're using this as part of our various ways how we contribute, nothing better tests Drupal 8 for the future, then trying to use it for what we will all use it in the future.

But of course it's not easy, Drupal 8 is not stable, contrib modules are not ready yet, so we cannot build everything we would like.

In this session I will present to you, how we approched the different projects, how we found interesting (and sometimes also crazy) workarounds.

You will learn what the current possibilties of D8 are and what you better keep your hands off.

Already eager to learn? Read here: http://www.amazeelabs.com/en/blog/launch-of-d8-customer-website