Flexible Drupal CRM with OpenCRM

If you have ever had to build a website for a client and host/integrate/consult with their CRM system, you have probabaly had this thought before:

Why don't they build this in Drupal?!

Most CRM systems are great for exactly one thing (Enterprise, Campaigns, Events) but as soon as you have a specific need that no one thought of before, the level of customisation of the architecture/reporting doesn't quite do it.

Enter OpenCRM. A fully Drupal native CRM system, as flexible and extendible as Drupal itself. Using the tools that you use everyday for site building (Entities, Fields, Commerce, Ctools, SOLR, Rules, etc) you can build a CRM system that will meet all your clients needs.

This session will primarily be a demonstration of the tools that we have built already, and a Q&A around experiences and needs of the Drupal Community to insure that the project progresses in a way to best suit Developers and Sitebuilders in the future.

We will be using our package of modules called OpenCRM (based on the Party module) and demonstrate it working almost out of the box with Commerce Kickstart. The demo will show you how you can use OpenCRM to easily handle orders over the phone but have a user register on the site at a later date and "aquire" their order history.  


  Slides available here: http://yanniboi.github.io/reveal.js