Drupal development practices with drush, Vagrant, Ansible, & Docker

Developer teams that need to test their code in multiple environments need an automated way to easily deploy their site in each environment. That means, team members just as continuous integration systems need to know how projects can be deployed given e.g. a Git URL.

In this session we'll discuss some of the challenges faced and see how the were solved at drunomics.

Topics discussed:

  • Repository layout(s)
  • Git based deployments vs build processes
  • Files that should (not) be version controlled
  • Per project drush versions
  • Leveraging composer
  • Handling db dumps, files and solr indexes
  • Vagrant: Common problems & solutions
  • Ansible & Docker: What they can bring to the table

Slides: http://fago.github.io/ddd-drupal-dev-practices.js/#/