Drupal 8 Entity API

While with Drupal 7 the Entity API was missing quite some essential functionality in Drupal core, Drupal 8 is about to fundamentally change that: Drupal 8 includes a feature complete, object-oriented Entity API just as a neatly integrated Entity Field API.

This session will give an overview of the functionality provided by the Drupal 8 Entity API and show how it can be help to manage your configuration and content. Developers will learn about the ideas behind the API design and how the new API can be leveraged best!

Covered topics will be about the following:

  • Different flavors of entities
  • Working with entities in Drupal 8
  • Providing a new entity type
  • Entity fields overview
  • Entity storage improvements
  • Forms & Validation
  • Access control, Entity listings, Entity query
  • Configuration entities

Altogether, the session will provide a good overview of what the Drupal 8 Entity API brings and give you some good ideas on how you can take advantage of it!

This session focusses on the Entity API and works well with another session focussing on the Field API.

Slides: http://fago.github.io/ddd-drupal-8-entity-api.js