Developing a web site with Drupal 8 - A case study

In this session, we will describe our first real case study on drupal 8 for one of our customers

With the latest beta (at this time the 9), building a simple web content site on drupal 8 in 3 weeks for production stage is now possible.

The covered topics will be about the following :

  • the project context and features implementation,
  • developing with drupal 8 in this case with those topics : set up, data model, new stuff in front and back-office, theming, custom module, views, community modules, integrating javascript libraries, tour api, beta to beta upgrade
  • all steps before going live,
  • the big surprises of drupal 8 now,
  • the difficulties, more work to do for complex web site, upgrade beta to beta !

Note that this session will not go deeper in all the API, Core and new stuff about Drupal 8 but will give you a good overview of the functionalities provided by Drupal 8, for developpers, themers and also contributors and how we made this simple web site on the new major version of the CMS.