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Auditing a Drupal 7 web site - Our methodology xadag

In this session, we will describe our own methodology to audit drupal 7 web sites for customers.

The covered topics will be about the...

Intermediate Other
Hosting in 2014, what does it mean ? vimau

Total is a French multinational integrated oil and gas company and one of the five "Supermajor" oil companies in the world. We have the pleasure,...

Intermediate Case study
Learnings from three launched Drupal 8 customer projects Schnitzel

Call us crazy, call us innovative: We're building customer websites already with Drupal 8. Why? Because we believe that there is nothing better to...

Intermediate Case study
The ABC of building client websites in Drupal 8 today dasjo

While Drupal 8 hasn't been released yet, we have seen adventurous individuals & agencies launch their websites on the upcoming major version...

Intermediate Site building
Daemons everywhere mojzis

We are running a headless drupal, trying to be as fast as possible. A part of it is doing as little as possible during the request and queueing...

Intermediate Performance
Managing things with Drupal fedir

This workshop is focused on building real-time distributed applications with Drupal as Things Management System.

As we could notice, the...

Intermediate Development
Technological breakthrough & end of CMS ? gilles guirand

Warning : This is a very troll-oriented session, to continue with a couple of beers

The 3-tier architecture (database,...

Intermediate Devops


Intermediate Other
The Creating-Custom-Entity-Types-in-Drupal-8 Workshop tstoeckler

As will be demonstrated in the Drupal 8 Entity API session,...

Intermediate Development
Inmail: Inbound email processing in D8 Arla

Introducing the Drupal 8 Inmail module, whose purpose is to process incoming email and execute certain actions depending on the content...

Intermediate Other
Successes and failures managing a Drupal Project: Agile vs Predictive sidddi, luisortizramos

n this session we will expose two ways of managing a Drupal project: Agile and Predictive. In both approaches, it's important to define how to...

Intermediate Other
Uncle Bob meets Drupal 8 skipyT

Drupal 8 comes with strong OOP architecture. Classes, interfaces, methods, inheritance, they are easy to use, but hard to write sustainable code...

Intermediate Development
Drupal Emergency! ChrisChinchilla

A familiar scenario for many of us begins with a call from a potential client…

“We had a Drupal site built by someone and there seems to be...

Intermediate Development
Capture the (D8) Flag socketwench

We've all heard about the big changes coming in Drupal 8. And if you maintain a module, you're wondering just how complicated it's going to be to...

Intermediate Development
Choose the right development and hosting solution for your Drupal project GuGuss

Choosing the right hosting solution for your Drupal project can be a very complicated task.

Even though there are some obvious questions (...

Intermediate Devops
Shipping the Future nvahalik

A lot of time has passed since Shipping 2.x was released. The needs of even small online shops have changed dramatically. Use of third party...

Intermediate Development
Compose Drupal 7 MiSc

For years we have been using our own seperate drupal systems to do drupal things, but what happens when we step out of that and that other nice...

Intermediate Development
Drupal 8 Theming lauriii

We've all been hearing about the exciting new changes to Drupal 8. There will be fancy new template engine (Twig) and a simplified theme layer....

Intermediate Frontend
Building a Drupal 8 betaX site dDoak

In this session, we would present a case study of a personal experience implementing a Drupal 8 betaX website from scratch. Some of the topics we...

Intermediate Case study
Let's talk Frontend Administration! dDoak

During this session we would dive into improving frontend administration in Drupal 8. A special focus would be placed on Quick Edit, now in Drupal...

Intermediate Frontend
Implement a multi-domain, multi-lingual Drupal site, with automatic redirection to the proper domain and language vasi1186

    In this session I will try to do a live demo of how to implement a multi-domain and multi-lingual Drupal site. Moreover, I will show how to...

Intermediate Development
How to talk to humans: a different approach to soft skills Sharonasteed

Developers are trained to communicate to things with a goal in mind. When you're talking to something like, say a computer, you type in your code...

Beginner Other
Rich & Flexible Pages — Give your editors infinite editing power! Nicolas Bouteille

What if your editors could decide, on the fly, as they are writing a new article, which component to include next? Not just between paragraphs of...

Beginner Site building
Drupa in Saudi Arabia raed

I will talk about my experience of using drupal in project and value of using drupal and how are using drupal in saudi arabia

Beginner Site building
An introduction to object-oriented programming Xano

If most of your web development work focuses around current stable versions of Drupal, you may be new to object-oriented programming. This is an...

Beginner Development
Managing development activities with Drupal ERPAL chipway

As a Drupal shop, we tried several solutions to manage our activities, including drupal modules, before using ERPAL since some monthes.


Beginner Case study
How to build my first drupal 8 module ? chipway

Come and build your first ever Drupal 8 module.

No need to know Drupal 7 or 6 coding.

This will be a simple workshop to learn how to...

Beginner Development
Drupal 8 for site builders a_thakur


This session will highlight key features of Drupal 8 for site builders. This session would focus on configurations which are...

Beginner Site building
Putting the 'C' back into CMS ChrisChinchilla

Drupal is a Content management System… Or a Content management framework depending on your point of view, either way there is a common word, ‘...

Beginner Frontend
Migrate in Drupal 8 beyond D6/D7 upgrades fgm

Migrate has changed a lot in Drupal 8, in part because of CMI and in part because of the focus on using it to ugprade Drupal 6/7 sites to D8....

Advanced Development
D7 as D8 e0ipso, plopesc

There are many ways in how you can build your custom and contrib modules. Classic Drupal 7 modules were based on hooks and functions written...

Advanced Development
A Development Workflow Based on Vagrant and Installation Profiles morsok, FMB

The goal of this session is to propose a development workflow which is satisfactory both for you and your team.

This presentation will...

Advanced Devops
A real life study of large scaled personalization with Drupal for one of the biggest extranets in Europe. Actency

Themes :

  • Complex business-rules based permission system.
  • Content profiling for a highly customized experience on user side....
Advanced Case study
Deploying your Sites with Drush dasrecht

Drush is not only awesome for managing your local Drupal site, with site aliases you can manage Drupal sites on remote servers without logging in...

Advanced Devops