D7 as D8

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There are many ways in how you can build your custom and contrib modules. Classic Drupal 7 modules were based on hooks and functions written mostly in a single .module file. With the arrival of Drupal 8, some coding standards and external components were included, to try to avoid reinventing the wheel. But the Drupal community not only adopted those components, some new coding standards and techniques were introduced in Drupal core to get a more modern and maintainable code.

This session is about how you can apply these standards and techniques to your Drupal 7 modules today. After this session you will be excited again about your D7 developments. Object Oriented Programming, PSR-4 class autoloading or use of external libraries using Composer are some of the tasks that can be done in Drupal 7 thanks to these modules that try to improve the code quality and adopt those coding standards widely extended in other PHP projects.

We will show some examples to illustrate that anyone can create a first class code in Drupal 7 modules as Drupal 8 modules do. Besides of that, every developer will be more capable to jump to Drupal 8 easily thanks to these techniques.