Compose Drupal 7

This session has been declined by the session moderation team.

For years we have been using our own seperate drupal systems to do drupal things, but what happens when we step out of that and that other nice things, like composer. Composer is at free will what we try drush make to force to be. Composer is a great way to version control modules and handle projects, lets step out in the php community, and try what composer could do for us in drupal 7.

In drupal 8 we try to use best practice from other open soource projects, so it is time to do that also in drupal 7.

In this session we will learn how to build drupal sites using composer to handle dependecies and version control modules, and also why we should try to step out from the drupal eco-system into the wider php-community, and do this with open source in general, instead of drupal in specific.