Commerce Marketplace Lab: Use Cases and Example Implementations

Standard one-vendor ecommerce solution as we know (and still love) become more and more passé. More and more often multi-vendor marketplace ecommerce implementations are the new black.

Think Amazon. Think eBay. Think Etsy.

Even though standard Drupal Commerce or Commerce Kickstart installations do not support such functionality out of the box, with recent contrib modules it's never been easier to implement a multi-vendor marketplace based on Drupal Commerce.

This session will present the Commerce Marketplace module suite, focusing on the following points:

  • What are all the steps required to set up a fully fledged marketplace solution?
  • What are possible approaches to configuring everything both from the marketplace owner's as well as vendor's perspective?
  • What types of payment flows are possible and what are their benefits and disadvantages?
  • How do its modules work with other commerce-related contrib modules?
  • How can its functionality be extended and adapted to specific requirements?

A working knowledge of Drupal Commerce is suggested, but not required.