Choose the right development and hosting solution for your Drupal project

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Choosing the right hosting solution for your Drupal project can be a very complicated task.

Even though there are some obvious questions (like the price, the data privacy, the availability of the site...), there are also some tricky ones that you really need to ask yourself:

  • Will it help me to achieve my goal to adhere to best practices? 
  • Will it enable my team to do more than they could without it?
  • Will it help me to make more frequent, consistent and secure deployments than I could otherwise?
  • Will it allow me to keep working with my current tools (Github, Gerrit...)?
  • Will is allow me to migrate somewhere else if I'm unsatisfied?
  • Will it help new contributors to the project to easily get started?
  • Will it help my client to review and test my project?
  • ...

With, Commerce Guys aims to provide an answer to all those questions!

Even if this session will mention a commercial solution, you'll also learn what really matters when choosing your hosting solution and how to choose it. In the end, it's all about how you can build your Drupal project faster, cheaper and in a more sustainable way.