Be a lazy front-end developer with kick-ass page performance

Last few years we've seen some cool stuff happening on the front-end side, both pushed by nodejs and Webkit-powered browsers. Although Drupal 7 is now 4 years old, it is possible to put the best front-end techniques into your daily Drupal workflow.

This session will be based on an article I wrote few months ago. I will update the data with the latest news and generalize the techniques to bring the magical world of front-end automation to Drupal:

  • Gulp
  • LESS
  • Usage of LESS frameworks in your Drupal theme (bootstrap, foundation, Less Framework)
  • actual minification and compression of JS, CSS, images, SVG
  • real-time theming, coding in your browser
  • automatic spriting of images and SVG
  • icon font generation

Yes, bring them all to your Drupal theme. Demo will be shown, tears of joy will be shed, and no kitten will be sacrificed.

Along with all that stuff we will review the best pratices to achieve the best loading time both in mobile and desktop devices. You will learn how to read this beautiful waterfall that is the Network timeline and how to make it shorter.

Let's make you a front-end devop!


Note : there will be a workshop (2 hours) on front-end performance, this session is a full demo of what Peter and I will try to teach you the next day.