Accepted sessions

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A new tool for measuring performance in Drupal 8 lussoluca

Discovering software bottlenecks is always a difficult task, but detecting them in Drupal can be a real nightmare. A simple contrib module can...

Intermediate Development
Accessibility is not for screenreaders nod_

This will be a quick overview of the accessibility problem space to help people realize how important it is and how Drupal can help. We'll see why...

Beginner Other
Ansible + Vagrant = TRUE MiSc

A year ago I mailnly used Puppet to provision Vagrant boxes, now we moved away from that to using ansible instead. This is a introduction session...

Intermediate Devops
Be a lazy front-end developer with kick-ass page performance SebCorbin

Last few years we've seen some cool stuff happening on the front-end side, both pushed by nodejs and Webkit-powered browsers. Although Drupal 7 is...

Intermediate Frontend
Building Modern Web Applications with Ember.js and Headless Drupal mikl

As web sites are becoming ever more dynamic and interactive, they turn more application-like.

Responsiveness is everything when building...

Advanced Frontend
Cache Analysis with Heisencache fgm

While front-end  is often where most of the problems in website perceived performance lies, back-end performance is a major issue in Drupal 7, and...

Advanced Performance
Caching in Drupal 8 MiSc

A lot of things changes when we move to Drupal 8, and in this session we look into caching, what have changed, how does it work in drupal 8, what...

Intermediate Performance
Commerce Marketplace Lab: Use Cases and Example Implementations mzgadzaj

Standard one-vendor ecommerce solution as we know (and still love) become more and more passé. More and more often multi-vendor marketplace...

Intermediate Site building
Composer in Drupal world derhasi

(!) Slides are online

With Drupal adopting more and more projects...

Intermediate Development
Configuration Management in Drupal 8 bircher

Configuration Management is one of the prominent new features coming with Drupal 8.

The reference use case for Configuration Management in...

Advanced Development
Cracking Drupal pwolanin, klausi

Security is paramount, for almost any web application. We will take a look at security best practices to keep your site safe and take the...

Intermediate Development
Developing a web site with Drupal 8 - A case study xadag

In this session, we will describe our first real case study on drupal 8 for one of our customers...

Beginner Case study
Developing with components for cross-version Drupal code fgm

The vast changes brought by Drupal 8 mean that most projects carried from earlier versions have to entirely be redesigned.

It also implies...

Advanced Development
Drupal 8 Contributed Modules overview Berdir

Drupal 8 is still in beta, but a lot of the commonly used modules are either not needed anymore/yet, or they have D8 ports already.


Intermediate Site building
Drupal 8 Entity API fago

While with Drupal 7 the Entity API was missing quite some essential functionality in Drupal core, Drupal 8 is about to fundamentally change that:...

Intermediate Development
Drupal 8 Frontend for Backenders lauriii

Drupal 8 will ship with a fancy new template engine (Twig) and a simpler theme layer. In my session I’ll show you some goodies from Twig and...

Intermediate Frontend
Drupal 8 Theming Deep Dive romainj

We are going to dive into the theme layer of Drupal 8. The main goal of this session is to understand how to leverage the theme layer from PHP to...

Intermediate Frontend
Drupal development practices with drush, Vagrant, Ansible, & Docker fago

Developer teams that need to test their code in multiple environments need an automated way to easily deploy their site in each environment. That...

Intermediate Devops
Drupal Multilingual best practices Schnitzel

Drupal Multilingual can be a minefield. Translation need to happen not only in nodes, your users also expect to have a translated registration...

Intermediate Site building
Expose Drupal with RESTful e0ipso

The RESTful module aims to interact with your Drupal content in a comprehensive and practical way, respecting the RESTful principles and built...

Intermediate Development
Flexible Drupal CRM with OpenCRM yanniboi, yautja_cetanu

If you have ever had to build a website for a client and host/integrate/consult with their CRM system, you have probabaly had this thought before...

Intermediate Site building
Front end performance attiks, SebCorbin

PS for organizers: This can also be given as a presentation

This is a hands on sessions on:

  • How to make your site render fast...
Intermediate Frontend
Futureproof styling in Drupal thamas

We've all been there: lookin' a thousands line spaghetti code of CSS, scrolling up and down, trying to find all the declarations, which override...

Intermediate Frontend
Invalidating varnish 4 mojzis

I wasnt sure about the name of this session :).

But i believe the way we...

Intermediate Performance
javascript for backend developers nod_

This session is aimed at backend developers who — willingly or not — have to write javascript. You know how to develop with your favorite language...

Beginner Frontend
Let's just generate our code in Drupal 8 with Generator UI eme

Letting scripts generate standard code for us (developpers) is not new in Web Development. Symfony does it for a long time with the Console...

Beginner Development
Logfile Handling - Are you visualizing your logfiles? dasrecht

From a DevOps perspective, live websites are fascinating creatures likely to behave differently on your live servers than on your development...

Intermediate Devops
Meet Commerce 2.x bojanz

Drupal Commerce was developed from the ground up on Drupal 7, both benefiting from and contributing to the development of the Entity API, Views,...

Beginner Development
Migration to Drupal 8: Introduction chipway

We are all an impatient person to implement Drupal 8 in real and to create sites for our customers.
For example, a few months after the...

Beginner Development
Monolithic installs VS single responsibilities networks fedir

In the beginning, Drupal site is extremely lightweight, it consists only from few core modules, and even not all of them are enabled. But step by...

Intermediate Development
Optimizing MariaDB for Web Applications federico

MariaDB is a MySQL community fork, founded and guided by MySQL creator Monty Widenius. MariaDB is compatible with MySQL, and is now the default...

Beginner Performance
Payment processing for Drupal 8 Xano

There are many reasons for transferring money over the internet: you can operate an online store or maybe you want to set up a donation form for a...

Intermediate Site building
Perform code reviews inside your development team. rodrigoaguilera

Code review is a very important process in the software development cycle.

Slides: ...

Intermediate Development
Profiling mojzis

XHprof before and after deploying a change, with aggregation and comparison.

I was impressed by the session in Amsterdam where the tool to...

Intermediate Performance
Responsive images in Drupal 8 attiks

A session for site builders (and themers) to get all the details about breakpoints and responsive images (picture) in Drupal 8.

1/ A bit of...

Intermediate Site building
Rewriting Contributed Modules for Drupal 8 wizonesolutions

Many of us have been following the main Drupal 8 initiatives to some degree, and we know that things have changed. At the same time, the scope of...

Advanced Development
SiteEffect - Visual regression testing for D8 core ti2m

SiteEffect is an advanced visual regression testing framework. It detects layout, style and content changes...

Intermediate Devops
The new Display Suite API's aspilicious

The drupal 8 version of Display Suite is almost ready. Time to learn the new API's and possibilities!
This will be a workshop so you'll need...

Intermediate Development
The Search API in Drupal 8 drunken monkey

Since the release of Drupal 7, the Search API module (along with its numerous extensions)...

Intermediate Development
Translation management for D8 miro_dietiker

I started the TMGMT initiative in 2012 to fight against messy workflows with multilingual websites. People were excited about the idea, joined...

Beginner Site building
Web performance optimization : for real ! gilles guirand

We all have the contradictory feeling to deliver not-so-bad projects, with no-so-bad performances.

But what really is an perfectly...

Intermediate Performance
Work in a team without tripping over each other Goz

This session is for people who work in a team or want to work with production processes without losing time.

With Drupal, we quickly have...

Beginner Development
Writing plug-ins with #d8rules dasjo, fago, klausi

The #d8rules initiative is working on porting the Rules module to Drupal 8. In this session fago, klausi &...

Intermediate Development