The ABC of building client websites in Drupal 8 today

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While Drupal 8 hasn't been released yet, we have seen adventurous individuals & agencies launch their websites on the upcoming major version of Drupal already since the end of 2013.

I did my first Drupal 8 site building training in November 2014 and re-launched my personal site on Drupal 8 in January 2014. At Amazee Labs, we relaunched our agency site in May 2014 and since then completely rebuilt as well as our first customer website in Switzerland,

In this session, you will learn

  • When do I choose Drupal 8 over Drupal 7
  • What are the new powers of Drupal 8 for site builders?
  • How can I build functionality depending on modules which haven't been updated, yet?
  • Why building sites with Drupal is more fun and just feels better :)