For the 2015 edition of the DDD we have a gift for you. It's not one nor two keynote speakers that we are offering but three! One per conference day!

So you must wonder who are they? Here is the answer.

Thursday April 16th

The Evolution of the Drupal Community

The Drupal project has experienced phenomenal growth over its more than 14 years, growing from a small hobby project to over 1 million known installations, over 1 million users, and more than doubling the active contributors and commits in Drupal core between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8, as well as thousands of people who depend on Drupal in some way for a living.
This talk will "de-mystify" some recent developments in the community, from the technical direction of Drupal 8, to various project governance changes, to the increasing role of the Drupal Association on We'll look at both the historical context that brought those changes about, and talk about how they'll help us scale to the next 1 million sites and users.

Friday April 17th

Happiness is coming

An assumption: to develop beautiful products, provide services that enchant our customers, we need to learn how to be happy at work. Where does this assumption comes from? What can we do about it? Let me show you how the marriage between happiness and work is a real story and how make the things happen.

Saturday April 18th

Are human institutions obsoletes?

All humans are very different and have varying opinions. That’s why, for milleniums, humans have built institutions with only one purpose: taking coherent decisions in the name of a group of different minds. Politics, religions, traditions, businesses, economics, morals are only systems designed to tackle the problem of taking accepted decisions. Even currencies are basically institutions forcing individuals to contribute to the society while allowing them to point contributions useful for them.

For the first time in history, Internet showed that very large group of humans could very quickly take very complex decisions without an existing institution. Technologies like Bitcoin and the blockchain are even taking it one step further by becoming unstoppable. And guess what? It seems that those decisions are better than the one taken by any institution.

What will our future look like if all of our institutions are suddenly becoming obsoletes? How could we find a meaning in our existence if there’s no professions, no currencies? What is our identity? Are we all becoming individualistic or are we developing a global consciousness? Or maybe both?