Program overview

This year the Drupal Developer Days will start monday april 13th, 2015 and stop on sunday april 19th, 2015. In order to contribute in the most efficient way to Drupal 8, the program of the week is the following:

It's your first time to the conference? Here are the explanations of what those items represent.


The sprints are the key moment of the conference, during a whole week, contributors from all over the world are going to stay in the same room to help Drupal move forward. During those days you connect with the heart of the open source and can feel the pulse of true collaboration. There is always a before and an after your first sprint. Everyone is welcome, new comers and old timers. The topics are really broad, you can sprint on Drupal 8 core, porting your contributed module, improving, working on the frontend team, on the Drupal infrastructure and every topic that you care about!

Find out more on our dedicated page about sprints.


The week basically ends with 3 days of sessions. The content of the sessions covers various topics, you can hear / speak about headless Drupal, responsive design, NoSQL storage, continous delivery, Scrum, Composer, working with Sass, etc. Find out more on our dedicated page to the sessions.


Bofs are free conversations that you can organize by yourself. It's a great opportunity to exchange and share about a topic if, for instance, your session proposal has been declined. The bofs will be held in a dedicated room and you will propose your conversation on the whiteboard by the entry of the room. You can held a conversation for as long as you want if a slot right after yours is not used. You just have to respect the clock if a slot is booked ahead for another conversation.

Speed job dating

Drupal employment is always a topic that matters. You are a Drupal talent and want some fresh air in this new Drupal show that you read about on their blog? Meet them, some sponsors will have a dedicated slot to meet interested candidates. We will detail the process soon.