Auditing a Drupal 7 web site - Our methodology

This session has been declined by the session moderation team.

In this session, we will describe our own methodology to audit drupal 7 web sites for customers.

The covered topics will be about the following :

  • what are the key indicators for audit launching,
  • audits carried out for our customers,
  • our methodology in 9 major steps : 
    • understand both customer and project contexts
    • set up your local env and the audit tools
    • go through the back and front office
    • understand the data model
    • control the coding standards
    • analyse the community modules installed
    • study the custom codes (modules & themes)
    • uncover the deployment, versioning of source code
    • write the audit report

Note that this session will not go into audit about the server side, lives stages and exploit problems.