Implement a multi-domain, multi-lingual Drupal site, with automatic redirection to the proper domain and language

This session has been declined by the session moderation team.

    In this session I will try to do a live demo of how to implement a multi-domain and multi-lingual Drupal site. Moreover, I will show how to transform your subdomain urls from to using the domain access module and a new, yet very little known and only a sandbox a the time of writing this description, module called domain variants.

    One other thing I will tackle will be to show how to connect these domains with the languages defined on your site, so that in the end you can implement a system that redirects the user to a proper domain based on the language, the country the user is in, and so on.

    The session will focus on these primary topics:

  • how to use the domain access module to create subdomains.
  • how to create multiple domain variants for a subdomain.
  • how to connect the different domain variants with the languages.
  • how to configure the redirections so that the user will land on the proper domains and languages based on his location or other conditions.

Even I will explain what does the domain access module do, I will not enter to much into details there so, even if not really required, it would be good that the attendees know or have used before this module.