Drupal Emergency!

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A familiar scenario for many of us begins with a call from a potential client…

“We had a Drupal site built by someone and there seems to be a lot wrong with it. It’s slow, we can’t update it, things don’t work properly… Help!”

Drupal is a complex beast and is infamous for it’s steep learning curve with many developers. Often it is learnt on the job by Developers with other experiences and the resulting site isn’t inherently wrong, but just not very, Drupal-ish.

As more experienced Drupalistas, we are often called in to fix sites up, get them working better, apply a bit of polish and generally bring it back into Drupal way of doing things.

This session covers the common pitfalls to look for when inheriting a Drupal site such as this and how to reverse engineer features back into Drupal land.

We will look at issues such as queries in template files, Views used as a query builder and nothing else, incorrectly initiated javascript, poor content models and much, much more.

Drawing on several years of my own personal experience we’ll have these poorly sites alive and kicking in no time!