Monday - Day 1

Sprints status

Documentation sprint, by ikrik

I've been asked to give you an update of the documentation sprint. Today that was just me working on core documentation issues reviewing some pending issues on and Somebody is also writing documentation for Rules.

Work was also done on the System API

Multilingual status by Fran Seva

In multilingual we have a few new people that are working in novice issues and normal issues. We are still working on it but we have 1 RTBC, and a few commits pending to be reviewed.

The new people are working in novice issues, and the other are working in normal issues. We are working on the following issues :

Search_api by drunken monkey

But generally just warming up for the next days. ;)

Perf sprint, by Wim Leers

D8 contrib corner sprint, by wizonesolutions

Today it was just me. I worked more on porting FillPDF to Drupal 8; I fixed a View and started working on a documentation bug report for core. I also pushed the latest module work to

D8rules, by Fago

Here you can find the issues we have been working on yesterday:

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Monday day 1
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