The Frog team

Most of the Drupal events around the world could not exist if amazing volunteers wouldn't abandon some of their (numerous) evening to bake you the events you attend to. Once again, for the Drupal Developer Days 2015 that happen in Montpellier, it's the same story.

So please, when you will cross the volunteers at the venue or online, give them a pat on the back because they gave their best for you.
The team named itself the Frog team and here are the faces of the core organizers :


Anne-Sophie PICOT (asplamagnifique)

Edouard CUNIBIL (DuaelFR)

Julien DUBOIS (Artusamak)

Florent TORREGROSA (Grimreaper)

Sébastien CORBIN (sebcorbin)

Thomas LEBEAU (courgette)

But we also got help from some of our friends that we want to have a hat off for:

Simon GEORGES (Simon Georges)

Julien DUBREUIL (juliendubreuil)

Greg BEUTHIN (smokinggoat)


All of them contributed on the behalf of the Drupal French association which is proud to welcome you in our country!