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Contrib D8 corner, by wizonesolutions

The views_embed_view patch I'd been trying to re-roll got re-rolled by the original patch creator, and now it is passing. I worked more on fixing up the UI of my module in D8 to match the D7 one. After that, I'll work more on restoring the functionality. Some of that is happening simultaneously with the UI work anyway, since I omitted some things in the first pass.

search_api_attachments, by Grimreaper


  • - fixed and patch for D8
  • - fixed
  • - cleaning issue queue

D8 contrib corner (remote), by wizonesolutions

Better late than never? Was starting to feel sick and didn't do much, but I made more progress making my module's D8 forms look like the Drupal 7 ones. I also added a couple new fields to the entity that I had put off for a while and implemented them. I've posted a couple questions to Drupal Answers as well.

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