Drupal Dev Days 2015 is being great... what about 2016?

Submitted by FMB on

So we all are having fun sprinting, attending the sessions and enjoying awesome food served by our host chefs, but.... let's start the conversation about 2016.

In this BoF you can learn from the organizers of Montpellier DDD 2015 what it takes to organize such an event, and if you are excited and willing to organize next year edition it can be helpful to connect with other members on the community for applying.

Attending the BoF does not imply you are commiting to organize it, but that you would think about it.

Let's meet at the registration...

Drupal Composer

Submitted by derhasi on


Bof Date: Thursday, 15:30h in TD 5.18 room door (Front-end room)

With Drupal adopting the PHP world, Composer is getting more attention in Drupal. Core uses it and we can even manage our dependencies in our Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 projects with the help of Drupal Packagist.

I'd like to share experiences with my and your current use of Composer in the Drupal context.

  • How are you using Composer currently?
  • How do you want to use it?
  • ...

Production D8 projects today HOWTO

Submitted by fgm on

14:30-15:30 on Friday

Like the attendee asking webchick at the end of the keynote, many agencies and end users tasked with starting a medium or big project today wonder whether they could start on Drupal 8 today or not.

We started such a project at a french media company, and are interested in sharing opinions and points of view on this issue, especially its practical aspects : how to deal with changing APIs, with public security issues, how to instrument code to catch changes, etc.

BOF took place on Friday 14h30-15h30.

Raw notes are available...

Tour de Drupal - Barcelona

Submitted by Stefan van Hooft on

15:30-16:30 (17:00) Saturday, Room TD.5.19.

Following up from the amazing group of Drupal people who cycled to DrupalCon Amsterdam last year preparations have started to do it again this year and cycle to DrupalCon Barcelona! Please do come along to the BoF if you like to join the team and/or help with organising.

The BoF at Drupal Camp London earlier this year was quite productive and we hope to get the Tour de Drupal Barcelona organised during DDD. Since several of the DrupalCon Barcelona organisers and other keen cyclists are attending DDD this should be...

Freelancers Unite!

Submitted by Martin Mayer on

Sometimes freelancers must decline projects because they are fully booked, sometimes because they can not tackle them alone. And sometimes freelancers have a gap and could need one of the projects which others are just rejecting.

Many of this projects would not be lost if they were approached together.

If we build a freelancer community we can improve freelancing for all stakeholders including the customers.

This workshop will look at strategies and structures for collaborative commercial projects in distributed teams. It will compare this structures with that of open...

OpenCRM Kickstart Tea & Chat

Submitted by Steve Purkiss on

From 4.30pm-5pm on Saturday after Yan & James' Flexible Drupal CRM with OpenCRM session (2.30pm Amphitheatre 1) we propose a BoF for those interested in implementing native CRM with OpenCRM Kickstart Drupal distribution.

Come along to find out more about

  • Getting started with the OpenCRM Kickstart Drupal distribution
  • Best pactices for implementing OpenCRM - Requirements gathering, project scoping, data migration, etc.
  • Drupal 8 plans - "Anyonymous User API"
  • ...