Frontend United announcement

Due to our lack of communication, some people thought that the Drupal Dev Days team and the Frontend United team were on bad terms. Some of our words have been misunderstood and a lot of people watching what was happening got very concerned. Since some of the organizers in both teams know each other, we tried to solve that date problem under the hood to give the best of our events to the community. Now, the problem has been solved so we would like to tell all the original Frontend United attendees that we are trully sorry about that mess. We love frontenders and we would love to see more in the Drupal Dev Days. We have 7 sessions with a frontend focus. And as sprinting is the main event, there will be space for lots of frontend sprinting.

Now, we would like to allow the amazing Frontend United team to add a few words:

You may have noticed that Drupal Dev Days is the same weekend Frontend United originally announced. There are so many different Drupal events these days that we couldn't have known that we were both planning the same weekend. Both events were added on late in the process.
When we found out about the clash of events we were trying to work with Drupal Dev Days on combining the events somehow, but the outcry on twitter was too great to leave things unchanged.

We were able to work with our wonderful venue to change the date. Frontend United is now 5-7th June.
We'd love to see more developers there and impress you with all the wonderful changes we've made to the theming layer - it's ok it's not that scary!