Drupal Developer Days

It's your first time? You don't really know what are the Drupal Developer Days? You don't consider yourself as a "real" developer? Don't worry everything is alright.

What are the Drupal Developer Days?

The Drupal Developer Days, also known as the DDD, are a european non-profit event organized by the Drupal community, for the Drupal community. Started in 2010 in Munich, the DDD have travelled through different cities. Szeged, Dublin, Barcelona or Brussels so far. Each year the event move to a new city and Montpellier (France) is pleased to host the 2015 edition. The event is powered by the Drupal french association.

What will happen during the event?


This year, the event goes from april 13th to april 19th 2015. From the monday to the sunday sprint rooms will be opened all day long. The main purpose is to contribute to Drupal. Several highly experienced contributors will be in Montpellier for the week and will focus on Drupal core critical issues in order to bring us closer to Drupal 8.0 release. But it's not all! The great news is that the Drupal community is fantastic and you will also be able to contribute to Drupal ecosystem a way or another.
Indeed, Drupal core is the main element that you interact with when you use/develop with Drupal but it's only a portion of the options offered to you. Drupal power also comes from the contrib world, all the modules that you can download from Drupal.org. There is more, while the DDD we also contribute to the infrastructure, Drupal.org upgrade to Drupal 7, frontend, <your topic>. If you want to bring a topic to gather people helping you, you are welcome.

Sessions & workshops

Sprinting is going to be the red thread of the week but another highlight will happen, as you can read it on the program page, during the thursday, friday and satursday sessions will be given. When you attend a session you can learn or go in depth in a topic. The topics alike the sprint themes are really broad. Drupal 8 new mechanisms, APIs, best practises, libraries and tools, frontend magic tricks are theme examples that you could ear about. The content of the sessions will be soon available.
Workshops can also be proposed, if you participate to one of them, you will be following a course where you will learn from scratch how to do something. They usually are longer than sessions and are very interesting.

Who should attend the Drupal Developer Days?

Well, if you are a developer yes, we strongly encourage you to participate. Most of the attendees will be like you. Use this moment to connect, meet, share and enjoy the other drupalistas. You will be amazed how opened and eclectic the community is.
But the Drupal Developer Days are not a developer only event. If you are a project manager with testing skills, a person that likes to write documentation, a frontend developer that love to improve page structures or turn Drupal into a sexier tool, even a designer that want to improve the user experience, in all cases you are welcome to attend! We strongly believe that everyone has something constructive to bring to the table.