• April 13th

    Sprints, Bofs

  • April 14th

    Sprints, Bofs

  • April 15th

    Sprints, Bofs

  • April 16th

    Sessions & workshops, Sprints, Bofs

  • April 17th

    Sessions& workshops, Sprints, Bofs

  • April 18th

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  • April 19th

    Sprints, Bofs

Features attendees

  • Jess (xjm) (xjm)
    Code and Community Strategist
  • Wolfgang Ziegler (fago)
    CEO - Head of Development

    Wolfgang Ziegler is a passionate Drupal developer and system architect from Vienna, Austria. He is working as "CEO - Head...

  • ifrik . (ifrik)
    Building websites for a better world.

    Documentation Working Group

  • Alexis Monville (Alexis Monville)
    Chief Agility Officer of eNovance

    Alexis is Chief Agility Officer of eNovance, a major contributor in the Openstack code and an active player of the open...

  • Thomas Seidl (drunken monkey)
    The Search API Guy

    Born in Vienna in 1987. Master's degree in Computer Science and Bachelor in Engineering Physics. Four times...

  • Angie Byron (webchick)
    Director of Community Development

    Angela Byron, Director of Community Development at Acquia, is a Drupal core co-maintainer, recipient of the...

  • Cathy Theys (YesCT)
    Drupal Community Liaison
  • Alex Pott (alexpott)
  • Michael Schmid (Schnitzel)
    Head Technology

    My name is Michael Schmid, but everybody calls me “Schnitzel”. I'm CTO of Amazee Labs Zurich and member of the D8MI Team...

  • Ryan Weal (Ryan Weal)

    I run a small consultancy out of Montréal and I try to contribute much as possible when time and budget permits. These...

  • Théodore Biadala (nod_)
    Drupal Mercenary

    Wielding javascript for good in the name of Drupal.

  • Lionel Dricot (ploum)
    Virtual Writer

    I like to think, write and talk. Especially about the futures.


Last tweets

  • @drupaldevdays damn... Sorry, I'm already flying back
    Alex Milkovskyi
    32 min 52 sec ago
  • We hope that you made great progress in your understanding of D8 and contributions to core / contrib. We'll relay your achievements.
    Drupal Dev Days
    51 min 59 sec ago
  • The last sprinters are slowly leaving, we loved to have you around, if the blues gets you, see you on IRC and in the issue queues!
    Drupal Dev Days
    54 min 53 sec ago