Drupal Developer Days

Location :
Université Montpellier
2 Place Eugène Bataillon,
34095 Montpellier (FRANCE)



  • April 13th

    Sprints, Bofs

  • April 14th

    Sprints, Bofs

  • April 15th

    Sprints, Bofs

  • April 16th

    Sessions & workshops, Sprints, Bofs

  • April 17th

    Sessions& workshops, Sprints, Bofs

  • April 18th

    Sessions& workshops, Sprints, Bofs

  • April 19th

    Sprints, Bofs

Features attendees

  • Tatiana tvn (tvn)
    Drupal.org Product Manager

    Tatiana has worked with Drupal since 2010. As the product manager for Drupal.org, Tatiana helps guide feature development...

  • Wolfgang Ziegler (fago)
    CEO - Head of Development

    Wolfgang Ziegler is a passionate Drupal developer and system architect from Vienna, Austria. He is working as "CEO - Head...

  • Alexis Monville (Alexis Monville)
    Chief Agility Officer of eNovance

    Alexis is Chief Agility Officer of eNovance, a major contributor in the Openstack code and an active player of the open...

  • Théodore Biadala (nod_)
    Drupal Mercenary

    Wielding javascript for good in the name of Drupal.

  • Cathy Theys (YesCT)
    Drupal Community Liaison
  • Thomas Seidl (drunken monkey)
    The Search API Guy

    Born in Vienna in 1987. Master's degree in Computer Science and Bachelor in Engineering Physics. Four times...

  • Michael Schmid (Schnitzel)
    Head Technology

    My name is Michael Schmid, but everybody calls me “Schnitzel”. I'm CTO of Amazee Labs Zurich and member of the D8MI Team...

  • Jess (xjm) (xjm)
    Code and Community Strategist
  • Alex Pott (alexpott)
  • Angie Byron (webchick)
    Director of Community Development

    Angela Byron, Director of Community Development at Acquia, is a Drupal core co-maintainer, recipient of the...

  • Lionel Dricot (ploum)
    Virtual Writer

    I like to think, write and talk. Especially about the futures.

  • ifrik . (ifrik)
    Building websites for a better world.

    Documentation Working Group


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