Drupal Developer Days

Location :
Université Montpellier
2 Place Eugène Bataillon,
34095 Montpellier (FRANCE)



  • April 13th

    Sprints, Bofs

  • April 14th

    Sprints, Bofs

  • April 15th

    Sprints, Bofs

  • April 16th

    Sessions & workshops, Sprints, Bofs

  • April 17th

    Sessions& workshops, Sprints, Bofs

  • April 18th

    Sessions& workshops, Sprints, Bofs

  • April 19th

    Sprints, Bofs

Features attendees

  • Cathy Theys
    Drupal Community Liaison
  • ifrik .
    Building websites for a better world.

    Documentation Working Group

  • Wolfgang Ziegler
    CEO - Head of Development

    Wolfgang Ziegler is a passionate Drupal developer and system architect from Vienna, Austria. He is working as "CEO - Head...

  • Théodore Biadala
    Drupal Mercenary
  • Ryan Weal

    I run a small consultancy out of Montréal and I try to contribute much as possible when time and budget permits. These...

  • Tatiana tvn
    Drupal.org Product Manager
  • Jess (xjm)
    Code and Community Strategist
  • Angie Byron
    Director of Community Development
  • Michael Schmid
    Head Technology
  • Thomas Seidl
    The Search API Guy

    Born in Vienna in 1987. Master's degree in Computer Science and Bachelor in Engineering Physics. Four times...

  • Alex Pott


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